Sunday, January 12, 2014

News: J&R Classical Music Closed, Stupid Drivers

I used to order a few things from J&R Music World.  When I couldn't find cassette tapes here I would order them from J&R but I haven't done that very much lately.  But the big news coming out is that J&R has closed their classical music selection and at the same point changed their name to J&R Computer World.  Not that it really matters since I don't follow Classical but J&R also has closed down the jazz and world music section as well.  Another causality and yet another reminder that the recording world is becoming more and more in into the passe.  Don't believe me take a look at what Best Buy has for sale.  Nothing.!/story/j-r-new-yorks-last-classical-record-store-faces-uncertain-future/?utm_source=sharedUrl&utm_media=metatag&utm_campaign=sharedUrl

The world is a dangerous place to live in, especially in the warmer states.  I had a co worker friend that moved to Florida and while her and her mom were out and about some 15 year old ran a red light and T boned the car that would kill her mom.  Charges are pending against the 15 year old but I think that should applied to the brat's mom, 32 year old  Becky Bancato who thought it would be nice to let Junior take the car out for a spin or either he freaked out or too busy texting to not notice the red light and other cars going the other direction. Once again it means nothing other than my friend making funeral arrangements for her mom while some stupid red light runner gets away with a slap on a wrist.  Ain't it great to live in America where you can drive like an idiot and get away with things. What a country!

But then again nobody drives worth a fuck up here either, judging by Friday's icy weather.  Nothing like going down US 30 on a gazed road and have two semi's going 70 passing by, spitting up that salt solution shit that rusts your car out in record time and about 4 idiots in 4X4 pick up trucks going 80.  Honestly I really don't know how they managed stay on the road, with some whacked out semi drivers half crocked on cocaine, coffee and Red Bull and going over the speed limit in crappy weather when you're supposed to drive defenselessly.  So basically you're taking your life in your own hands when you get in the car to get somewhere and have to deal with the belligerent, the assholes and the aggressive drivers of today.  And there's no guarantee that you'll get to your destination in one piece.

So while Becky Bencato's brat might be to blame for the death of my friend's Mother, Bencato is just as much fault if not more for even letting him drive and woe besieges her if the brat had no driver's license. He's 15 years old, should not be driving in the first fucking place.  But the way things goes, they might just give Becky and her brat her own Reality show on A&E, I got a nice title for them if that happens.  It's called Being Stupid.

What a country......,0,5983317.story

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