Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On The Subject Of The Asshole Collection Agency

Who the hell is Hunter Warfield?

For the last couple weeks, I have the misfortune of having some fucking collections agency out of Florida bothering the fuck out of me over some charge of an apartment of some place in Grandview.  And where in the hell is Grandview at?

I don't have a phone myself, my brother has one but nobody calls me even on a good day.  But on a Friday afternoon before work, I got some phone number from Florida telling me to call them back.  It's a charged phone line fools and I have no idea who's in Florida.  I have no friends or relatives in Florida.  But anyway on the Monday, they called and I answered to the best of my knowledge of.

Them: There's a outstanding loan of X amount of dollars from a Lincoln State Bank on some apartment in Grandview, do you know anything about it?

Me: No, where is Grandview at?

(no answer)
Them: Is your SSN ending in four digits of 4x4X (The X's meaning another number that didn't sound familiar to me)
Me: uh No
Them: Is your birthday date 1963?
Me: Nope I'm older than that.
Them: Thank you
Me: Glad to help

Thought that was it, till this afternoon when I got an automatically pre recorded message that was halfway through and I just hung the phone up.  But I'm getting fed up with the antics of Hunter Warfield, Dumbass Collection Agency with a head up their twat.  In my 52 years of life, I've never been to Grandview Iowa or where the fuck it's located and I sure in the hell never rented an apartment at any time except way way back in the early 80s when I moved three blocks away from home in defiance over set rules.  For the most part, I don't take out loans for something that I cannot pay off.  Took me years to finally use my credit to get a more decent car to get around town and bargain hunts.  I did get lax on my credit report watching and it did cost me some points when our wonderful credit companies put the wrong fucking guy on my credit report and had to do plenty of fiery emails and phone calls to Experian  to credit the GD mistake which bought my credit back to where its supposed to be.  And things were back to normal.

Or so it seemed till Hunter Warfield started showing up on caller ID.  And of course if you google Hunter Warfield, you'll come across a lot a negative comments about them.  And I'm not the only one that these fucking morons continue to harass about somebody's debt, that they're too fucking lazy to look up.  They probably think that this state has one R. Smith.  Which means they didn't do their homework very well.

Update: After getting the BBB and the Florida and Iowa attorney generals into this mess, we finally got closure.  Although Hunter Warfield say that they had no verbal contact with me, (last Monday in November my records indicated that they called and I talked to the kind gentleman on the other end) they did said it was a case of mistaken identity via yours truly complaint with the BBB, the FL AG and IA AG. Although they attempted to call me from June to October of said year, November was the first time that I had contact with H.W. And thus begin the usual proceedings of what they do best.  But in all fairness, they have agreed to stop calling here and for the past month they have kept their word.   What I wanted all along and considered the matter closed.

But the problem remains having a typical name that can be used against when some other deadbeat fuck with the same name makes my life worse than it is now.  If I ever make a trip to Grandview or if I ever see this SOB with the same name I will make it a personal matter and kick his ass to where he came from.  The same SOB that fucked up my credit rating a few years ago and the three credit reporting companies fucking up my credit rating and never fix even though the debt was not mine. The price of life in this day and age of consumer fraud and ID theft.

In other words, check your credit rating and any little red flag you see question it.   And hope that your rating don't get fucked up by some low life.

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