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Originally a blog from August of 2012, but the new link comes from dealing with hate from the Bobber.  Perhaps the biggest headscratcher came from the exchange from No Clue Crabby about a free app and Bob's everchanging into the future.  Still strikes me odd about Bob responding when I made the comment undirectly to him.  Yeah, Bob should have just let this one go, especially after me without a clue on free apps on cellphones that I don't even own.  R.S.


On Twitter tonight I was making my usual comments about the Bears/Giants game and how Dan Dierdorf sucks as being Mr Jabblejaws when I came across a tweet by Bob Lefsetz about something called Viber and basically I making a out of blue comment but somehow he musta been keywording that term and I got into a pleasant little conversation with him.

BOB: Anyone using Viber?

No we R not using Viber Bob Lefsetz, we don't have the finances to keep up with the latest flavor of the week for technology.

BOB: Don't be a fucking asshole, Viber is FREE! Why is it a badge of honor to plead poverty?

Oh please Bob, we can't always keep up on the latest free stuff. Don't have the time for it. Besides it will be outdated the next day anyway.

BOB: It's completely reasonable to plead time poverty,it's one of the modern era's main issues,but I see no badge of honor in being poor

Who sez I'm poor Bob?  I listen to lots of records and cds and still read your column and although I may not agree with what you write sometimes I do.

End Of Transmission.
Pity the poor LA fools who think if you don't have the latest and that you listen to CDs and records that you're the problem rather than the solution. And if you don't have the latest smart phone you're living in poverty.  But when Lefsetz calls ya a fucking asshole you must have shaken the right branch of tree to knock him off top position.  Anyway, there's a website about Viber and it's free and if you have a smart phone, check it out.  as Bob sez IT'S FREE!  Can't argue with that and I thank Bob for the pleasure of talking to him on the subject.  Feel free to come over and we can play some 45s and talk about life before the internet. May have time poverty as he calls it, being over 50 does that although he's about 10 years older than me but I'm rich into lots of tunes old dude.

And thank you not blocking me on twitter too.
Sometimes I don't think things out as Bob pointed out in this DM that I didn't read till an hour later.   Wow, you tweeted that "you didn't have the finances..." BOB

Ya got me there Bob!   Next time I'll do better research.  DUH. Now off to comb my mullet and put on that new Colt Ford CD.....

By the way Bob, check out this little commercial for Relics Records in 1990.  It will kill ya!  By the way look for a cameo by me before the thing starts ;)

Other things, Jerry Nelson, AKA Count Von Count of Sesame Street died at age 78.

Went to Dubuque yesterday and picked up the new Los Lobos Kiko Live album, the new Red Kross, Leonard Cohen Death Of A Ladies Man, Joe Cocker and Long John Baldry It Ain't Easy. But ended up getting a scratched up copy of Otis Rush/Albert King Door To Door and it wouldn't play.  And then hit a curb that broke a couple of tierods in my car so naturally I was too pissed off to go enjoy the sunset and went home knowing I had to spend 400 bucks on car repairs.  The guy at CDs for Change was closing up shop early to go see The Wailers at the Mississippi Moon Bar with his GF and hope they had a good time.  I would have gone but unfortunly the sun was in my eyes, a couple walkers were coming down the side and there's this fucking corner that I hit.  Jump in a rose bush and still end up smelling like SH----.

KDAT sucks but you already know that.  Seems like everytime I go some place to get my hair cut, either Cost Cutters or the other place has that GD cumulus crap station on and they have to play a fucking Sheryl Crow song every fucking time.  Two of the last three times they played First Cut Is The Deepest or Soak Up The Sun.  When you have a CCC owned station you can't escape this C word.

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time......From Arun MA via twitter.

Post Script:

See it as a badge of honor. If someone is hating you, you’ve made it.

Thanks to you  Bob! I made the big time!

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