Friday, April 5, 2013

Crabb Bits: Dubuque/SMSY, Roger Ebert RIP

I hate this year. It has sucked from the word go and tonight was no exception.

Crap printer, crappier cutter, fucking screws that won't stay in the holes, jam.  Went to fix it, take something out of the toolbox, toobox gets stuck in the cabinet door, then it opens up, tool box and contents go all over the workplace, knocking off my headphones and breaking them in two and turning me into the Incredible Hulk again.  Took the night off, considered getting shit faced drunk.  Tired of this life, job and everything else about it.  Should have traded places with Roger Ebert.

To which Robert Ebert passed away Thursday at age 70 from cancer complications. Up till the end, Ebert continued to blog about the movies and even wrote a final piece two days before he died.  He will be missed although he will be joining Gene Siskel in the great movie theater in the skies.

First Dubuque trip this year and probably the last way things are going, seen a lot of fucking morons and idiots on the river walk.  Nothing like some bitch and dude rollerblading where they not supposed to.  Went down to the Mississippi and hung there till some dumb fuck kid from a dumb fuck family was throwing rocks above and one came a few feet from me, I was ready to throttle the Stupid family.  For the most part usual crap, red lights, slow poke drivers in front, tail gators and the back, some asshole ran a stop sign, I'm getting carpel tunnel just from flipping them all off.  And then to have some dumbfuck kid and GF pulling the emergency 911 call button and watching them run away, should have reported the cocksuckers in the first place.  Seen two cop cars coming to the scene and questioning some family of five if they did it but Jr. Saggy Bottom Pants and Dumbhilda was hiding in the their car in the parking lot.

One good thing about Diamond Jo Casino, you get free pop when you go in and play the slots, or in my car needing a drink, so took advantage of that before returning back to the Riverwalk of stupids.  There was a expensive burger place inside Star Brewery when I was up there last, it's not there anymore, only the winery and hardly any cars in the parking lot but it was open.  I like to go in there and check their beer can collection in the entry and the history of the Dubuque Star Brewery but it really felt like I was the only person in there.  I kinda enjoyed the peace and quiet myself.

CD's bought:

Elton John-Good Morning To The Night
Patti Smith-Banga
The Shake-Trippin The Whole Colorful World
George Jones-Heartaches And Hangovers
Ashley Monroe-Like A Rose
Mighty Baby-A Jug Of Love

LPs bought at Books A Million:

The Soft Machine
Dictators-Blood Brothers

Updates:  Bob Lefsetz continues to rail against new music, albums and the like and most of the time you just want to smack him upside the head.  He still to continue to insist for peanuts on his flights to ski country and his Southwest Airlines blog is the stuff of legends to make fun of which Pop Dose has done in their latest Bob Bashing.  But before dismissing him as a senile old poop, he is right about the cable bundling, to get high speed, cable and all those channels nobody watches.  They cost too much and basically I don't give a flying fuck about World Series Of Poker or Hot Dog Eating Contest, more reasons why the TV stays off most of the time.  I agree with him on that, but he will not tell you what new music to listen to because his niche is in the past with 30 40 year old songs and the classic stuff and doesn't have time for any newbies and their crappy music, Lord knows how he managed to listen to Adele's last record.  Want to piss him off? Send him your new rap song or country song and call it the next big thing.  I bet ya he will write a blog telling y'all TO STOP SENDING HIM YOU DAMNED NEW MUSIC.  Basically Variety signed him up to write there as well.  For more contradiction,  you can go over to his site and read his butt love for Southwest Airlines.  In other words what kind of fucked up country do we live in where we can't get free peanuts.......

Today's question answered by Diggy Kat

Q) What the hell is a Vufcup?
A) it's a vibe/frequency that translates into emotions of living creatures/humans. a positive identification

Now you know. 

And now the new leader in most searched keywords in the R S Crabb Site. Pat Travers!


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