Friday, April 19, 2013

News: RSD, Pat Travers 1, Morgan Reese, Rain Sux

The big rainfall started up around 5 AM Wed. morning didn't get done till about 10 clock Thursday morning and it was a fucking mess in the basement.  I did my best to try to nip this in the bud but the fucking rain was so bad off and on that the usual side of the basement became a indoor creek and everything got wet all the way halfway though the Man Cave.  So I spent about 36 hours after coming home from work and sopping up the fucking water in the basement and watched a stream come underneath the steps.  For this effort I managed to waste 2 more vacation days no thanks to mother nature and a fucked up spring to which we have not seen the sun but for 3 days out of April.  And it's supposed to rain again the weekend again.  Fun never stops here.

It wasn't much better in Iowa City, they had a mudslide behind Mayflower where the students live at and the river rose up to cover part of Dubuque Street as well.  Heavy rain also got Indian Creek in Marion to leave its banks and flood folks around the golf course area and of course Thomas Park.  The New Bo District, always getting it when it rains too much, some of the business lost some inventory as water flooded their basement and one of the business lost about 10,000 dollars worth of wine and food. But we weren't the only place to get flooded and water in the basement.  Missouri got hard hit, Oklahoma had tornadoes and even Michigan got rained on a lot.  Friday, we had snow flurries most of the day.  This was supposed to be our Madison trip in time for Record Store Day tomorrow but looks like we won't be going anywhere to celebrate getting overpriced limited edition vinyl albums.  Don't think we really need anymore.  Ever try to locate part of 12,000 CDs to get them out of harm's way of the water?  Which really didn't help much on my back, I've been fighting muscle spams a week prior before all this fun in the water to the point that I couldn't get out of bed for all this tight muscle.  Felt like rigor mortis in action.  So they upped the dosage to my muscle relaxers and maybe I'll feel better, but till then  I think I sopped about 100 gallons of ground water from a eight inch rainfall.

So anyway since the Weather Channel named their winter storms I think I will do the same and last week we had Spring Storm Asshole come into view, this storm we'll call Spring Storm Bitch cuz it was a bitch to get through if you lived in any part of the USA.  I hope this isn't a repeat performance every fucking week but we got our list out and here ya go, The 2012 Spring Storm Names (the first six that is)


And I'm sure more to come.  This year has just sucked ever since Davenport and hasn't gotten any better.

Pat Travers is now the most searched musician here on The Crabb Site and the guy is amazing.  So in our appreciation, we give you a pic where he's with the great Billy F Gibbons of ZZ Top..

We haven't forgotten Samantha Fish is now in 2nd place and getting further back in the pack but she wants to show you another new guitar for your pleasure and which you might get to see her play it when she comes to your town.

Record Store Day is here but I doubt if I'll go anywhere but I found a few articles to pay some kind of tribute to the vanishing record store.  One of them is here:

Another viewpoint from across the pond, they take their records more seriously than than the dim witted downloaders here

And finally, while talking about the rain and how I can't make it to the nearest store I managed to get that tweet favored and Retweeted by Morgan Reese of all people!  Thanks for thinking and retweeting one of my many many tweets that most of the time don't go anywhere.

 Note: This is actually Morgan Reese Fairhead who's just as nice looking as the other one whose more revealing of herself  (See blog before this). Had to replace the picture since it disappeared again.

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