Thursday, August 3, 2017

Goldy McJohn

Some news to report.  Goldy McJohn, best known for his tenure in Steppenwolf passed away on August 1 from a heart attack.  He was 72.

Outspoken in his ways which lead to butting of the heads with John Kay, McJohn managed to give Steppenwolf their sound with his use of keyboards and Leslie Speaker effects organ playing.  You can hear it in the hits of Magic Carpet Ride and Born To Be Wild.  But he also does a fine job doing the piano intro to Everybody's Next One. Mc John would stay with the first edition of Steppenwolf before Kay retired the band after 1972 but the band returned with 1974's Slow Flux to which Goldy played on and then later got booted from the band.  McJohn continued to play in his own band Manbeast with Mike Monarch but in recent years has done his own thing till his passing this month.  He was slated to do a benefit show with Alvin Taylor on drums in September.