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Fourth Of July Wrap Up

Life goes on, even after laying idle for most of the month.  Last month's rating found ourselves aroune 1340 views and I suppose that's the most reasonable of views. Now we are back to inflated rates over 200 views a day.  Russia has opened up the servers leading here I gather.

(6-28-17  Central City/Prairieburg EF-2 Tornado)

The later part of June found ourselves once again stuck in between tornado action again, just in time for NOAA radio to shut down operations to move to a new home.  That didn't keep the tornadoes away, just in time for the Linn County Fair to which one twister formed outside of the fairgrounds and tore up a good chunk of area leading to tear through Prairieburg's south side of the city and causing damage to their grain elevator, the second time this has happened in a decade. More tornadoes formed over an area past Monticello, Oxford Junction and a few other places.  I forgot who took the above picture but this is the tornado that would rumble through the country side on the way to Prarieburg, taken off County Home Rd, not far from our place of residence.   No damage here but as you can see it was a bit too close to home for my liking.

(Deb Zumbach: photo)

Although, the tornado did play havoc enough to close the opening day of the fair, it didn't stop the Bellamy Brothers from playing Friday Night.  For myself, I got to watch the final set of Justin Case at The Chrome Horse and then did a full nights worth of seeing Toxic Blonde and the return of Super Sized Seven playing outdoors at CRL, The Funk Daddies at New Bo, Past Masters moving on after the departure of Bart Carfizzi  at Rumors and finally New Trick at Aces And Eights although I called it a night once they started playing Bon Jovi.  I have no idea on what's happening with Dreams Of Arcadia, Ryan Paul announced he was moving back to the East Coast despite them having a full slate of July dates to play at and it looks like Bart will replace him, to be renamed the Julie and Bart Experience, Julie is out visiting relatives on the west coast.   Things are up in the air.

The dating scene can be a startling thing, especially when musicians date other musicians. Hayley Williams decided that she and New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert are parting ways after being married for a year and a half.   And of course, they request privacy as well.  That's standard procedure.

(Prairieburg Tornado 6/28/17)

 On the other side, Partrick Carney (Black Keys) is thinking the third time getting married will be the charm as he popped the question to Michelle Branch and she said yes.  Since musicians are more out there in the open in the social media it seems to be that most go their own way after a way.  It's no different if they were not musicians, the success rate for marriages are 50/50.  Of course finding that perfect somebody is going to be hard, we all tend to do no wrong till we either leave a seat up on the toilet, or fart too much or putting up unpredictable moods    And yes, it's most evident that in order for a relationship or marriage to last is to try to work things out and compromise.  For better or worse, for richer or poorer, for sickness and in health.  But most of the time, people usually take the easy way out when things don't go as planned.  To be an musician and working with somebody to make new music, sometimes it can happen that feelings can get more and more intimate.  The question then comes up, what's next.  Is it worth it taking the next step, but once you do share your feelings and soul and then your bed, you then cross a line that you can never return.  And if it does goes south or if you have a falling out, you eventually want nothing to do with them.  Then again who knows if Pat Carney and Michelle Branch will be together forever, the odds are not in their favor but sometimes love can conquer all.  Johnny Cash and June Carter was one,  John And Yoko another.  But also it might not mean forever either, Richard And Linda Thompson: they made great music together but alas, their marriage fell apart in our very eyes by the albums they made together (Shoot Out The Lights). Once in the while they'll get back together for some musical fun.  It is fun to be with somebody that can make music and things are fine on stage.

(Photo:Mirza Kudic  Des Moines Storm 6/28/17)


Norro Wilson-Singer songwriter that had a couple singles on Smash Mercury in the late 60s, later wrote hit songs like The Most Beautiful Girl In The World for Charlie Rich in 1973.  Produced Buck Owens when Buck was on Warner Brothers, discovered Keith Whitley.  Died June 8, at age 79.

Stevie Ryan, You Tube Star, hung herself on Sunday, the loss of her grandfather triggered her depression into where she didn't want to live anymore. She was 33.

John Blackwell Jr, drummer for Prince, passed away from cancer on Monday.  He was 43.

The Chicago Cubs have been a major disappointment this season. After the feel good season of last year and winning it all, the Cubs have barely played 500 ball and injuries have not helped either.  Nor Mingrel Montero, whose tirade about Jake Arrieta not holding runners on base, and the fact that Montero was 0 for 28 in throwing out runners, but blame the pitcher anyway.  Anyway, Montero got traded to Toronto soon afterwards.  While last season the Cubs had plenty of all stars, only Wade Davis got invited to the show (unless Kris Bryant wins the popular all star vote).  We are still waiting for the Cubs to get their act together.  Of course everybody says they will turn it around but at the halfway point, and Milwaukee and now St Louis catching on fire and winning games, the Cubs find themselves at second place still stumbling around and can't seem to put a winning streak going.  Losing Dexter Fowler has really hurt them more than singing Jon Jay who was supposed to be lead off hitter.  Kyle Schwarber, world series hero is now trying to find his swing in triple A Iowa.   Way things are going there won't be a World Series appearance, hell they might not be over 500.

CD Reviews:

The Rolling Stones Aftermath UK (Abkco 1966)

This may have had more songs but the US version of Aftermath made more sense.  The key placement of the 11 minute Goin Home also plays a role, on the US version it's the final track, here it's track 6 and it derails the rest of the album.  It's nice to hear the extended version of Out Of Time, to which it made more sense in edited form on the Flowers album.  The UK version offers up Mother's Little Helper, Take It Or Leave It and What To Do, but the omission of Paint It Black is reason why if you want the better album, you have to buy the US version.
Grade B+

Albert Hammond-Golden Classics (Collectibles 1974)

Albert could use a decent best of, but at the time, Collectibles decided to combine his first two albums as a whole, plus the singles of I'm A Train and Half A Million Miles From Home.  Perhaps adding Air Disaster and 99 Miles From LA would have made this a decent overview.  Hammond turned out to be a MOR artist, later albums for Epic turned him more schmaltz than pop anyway but this does have his number 2 hit It Never Rains In Southern California and one of my favorite tracks from him The Free Electric Band.  And of course the silly but fun I'm A Train.  For the lesser known tracks, The Hollies did find something out of The Air That I Breathe to make that a number 1 single for them, for him it's kinda of a snoozer.  Names, Tags, Numbers And Labels was given to The Association for a failed single, Albert would record it again on the S/T album.  Time has not aged It Never Rains In Southern California all that great and B side Brand New Day, while I like it eventually turned out to even lesser inspired when I hear it today.  And For The Peace Of Mankind is the bloated direction that Hammond would later go upon, it ventures too close to pompous Neil Diamond territory. For all the setbacks, I tend to favor the second album Free Electric Band a bit more despite Peace Of Mankind.  I guess there's a European Epic Import of Greatest Hits that simplifies everything but even that has Peace Of Mankind.
Grade B

T Bone-Choice Cuts (2000)

If you have made your way to Parlor City on any given Tuesday Night nowadays, chances are you will run into Tom (T Bone) Giblin who hosts the blues jam and always have some of the finer blues players in town backing him up.  He's also in the Iowa Music Hall Of Fame for his keyboard work.  He's the closest thing to Booker T Jones and of course has backed up many of legends around town. On this 1999 live setting featuring seven of the bands that he played in back then, it's a who's who of music knowledge.  Dennis McMurrin, Billy Lee and Bryce Janey, Craig Erickson, Bob Dorr and Kevin Burt are part of the 14 song selection here.  While there's no Green Onions here, Gibby as he's better known (for me that is) can put his own spin on Papa's Gotta Brand New Bag or Tighten Up, although Kevin Burt might hold the record for the most times he says I Know on Ain't No Sunshine.  Once in a while there's a track that will showcase Gibby's rock and roll side which isn't too often.  It's the Craig Erickson penned Imperfection.  Don't let that fool you, Gibby is very good at improvising.  That's why he's a hall of famer.
Grade B+

Albums From My Youth:  Tom Waits-Heart Attack And Vine (Asylum 1980)

In theory, this is the album that really hints at the future of where Tom Waits would go: a more slant toward weirdness that would get him bounced from Asylum and over to Island where they welcome him with open arms and he finally embraced his weirdness.  The title track and Till The Money Runs Out are oddball rockers to which on the latter Waits repeats the whole song lyrics twice before it fades out and the latter, showcasing an oddball guitar lead lick.   Waits seems to be bored by the tin pin alley balladry that made his late 70s work weird beyond belief.   The only time any ballad seems to work on this is the lovely Jersey Girl to which Bruce Springsteen covered, Saving My Love For You isn't bad but I have no use for side 2's On The Nickel and Ruby's Arms.  On the whole, Heart Attack And Vine seems to be a throwaway,  Waits's songs work better when they're uptempo and mysterious.   Usually Bones Howe keeps Tom a bit restrained on past recordings but you can sense that on In Shades or Downtown, he's considered to be a deterrent.  It would be the last time Howe would work with Tom on any album.  And the next album would ushered in the Island years, but Heart Attack And Vine is actually the first step in that direction of weirdness.
Grade B

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