Sunday, February 19, 2017

Clyde Stubblefield, Junie Morrison RIP

The Funky Drummer has left us Saturday, dead from kidney cancer.  He was 73.

Along with Jimbo Starks, Stubblefield was instrumental for the funky beats that made James Brown mid to late 60s recording classics.  Clyde spent most of his years up in Madison fronting a blues and soul band and hosting jam sessions but he had been in ill health.  The late Prince helped him pay off some health insurance bills last years, about 90 thousand dollars, according to Clyde.  Stubblefield is also one of the most sampled drummers out there too.  A one of a kind musician, he will be missed. 

The New York Times did a nice obituary on Clyde:

Another funk star also passed away, Junie Morrison, who played in the Ohio Players  and various George Clinton band died at age 62.

And the list of great musicians is getting shorter.

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