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Week In Review: Townedger Radio 23, NO BO Festival, Chuck Berry 90,

Here we are halfway through October and the temps have been around 80 degrees. Gotta love that climate change.  Over the weekend we saw the first NO BO Festival to which a few heavy metal and hard rocking bands played on the parking lot of Tornados.  Something like 2500 people came out to witness the likes of CR Dicks, FLEX and October Rage playing outdoors in summerlike temps

(Photo: Tammy Thatcher-Shock Treatment 10/15/16)

Over at Campbell Steele, the Ramones Tribute band Shock Treatment opened for the Cynx who played Gabe's Friday Night.  Shock Treatment features Surf Zombie and Flaming Camaros Brook Hoover with Lincoln Hinzman playing their favorite Ramones songs.

(Photo: Linda McClintic-Dave Diebler/HOLS Reunion 10/15/16)

And that's not all, Dave Diebler reunited House Of Large Sizes for a benefit for Mark Munn's who is fighting cancer and needed some help from the fans. They put on a pretty good show at Octopus in Cedar Falls.

Football:  Marion has seen their playoff chances go by the wayside after West Delaware beat them 35-21.  Arizona State continues to show why they are more pretender than contender with a 33-13 smackdown at Colorado.  And Iowa outlasted Purdue 49-35 which turned out to be Darrel Hazel's last game as Purdue coach, he was fired on Monday.  While the Hawks played a flawless first half leading 35-7 at the half, Iowa defense once again fell apart.  At least Purdue's first team could score at will on the 2nd stringers of Iowa, which the first team did come back and Purdue scored a final touchdown on a defected pass, by then the game was decided. Both Akim Wadley and LeShawn Daniels went over 100 yards rushing, Wadley with a 54 yard TD scamper. Despite Desmond King's pick six TD interception, David Blough lit up Iowa's crappy pass defense for 458 yards and 5 TDs.  One canny deny that the Hawks played a great first half but in the second half became their mediocre selves and couldn't stop the pass, nor that fourth down stop.  Iowa's next game is home against a pissed off Wisconsin team that blew the lead and game with Ohio State.  Iowa has shown to be very ordinary in the games against teams they should blow out of the stadium   Wisconsin will the be 2nd toughest team Iowa has faced (the first North Dakota State still not taken seriously by ESPN) and basically we'll see if Iowa will fall flat on their faces just like the script says or finally wake up to play two halves with the same intensity. The road to Indianapolis is going to get that much harder in the next five weeks. In the meantime Colin Custardpie will have his mind on other things and better teams.

Passings: Dennis Byrd, beloved Jets player who had to quit football due to a broken neck injury was killed in a auto accident in Oklahoma last Saturday, he was only 50 years old.

Phil Chess: Legendary owner of Chess Records died Tuesday from natural causes. He was 95

Milestone:  Tuesday marks the 90th birthday of one of the most famous rock and rollers still alive: the one and only Chuck Berry.  If it wasn't for the riffs of Johnny B Goode, we wouldn't have The Rolling Stones and million of other bands that play the local bars.  I certainly have played Johnny B Goode many times, from The Townedgers, to Paraphernalia Tyrus to Julie And The Mad Dogs and it still remains a fun song to do.  Without Chuck we'd be nothing.  That said, Chuck's best moments did come in the 50s and early 60s when he was thinking up stuff like Sweet Little Sixteen, Bye Bye Johnnie,  Memphis Tennessee and No Particular Place To Go.  He made classic singles that still hold up, The Great Twenty Eight remains the best overview of Chuck's work.  His albums have been spotty, although Chess did issue Rockin At The Hops and From St Louis To Liverpool, but by 1965 he was beginning to take a back seat to the bands he inspired, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and while my first album was Fresh Berries, it sounded like Chuck repeating himself, even to the point of the same riffs to the same song, My Mustang Ford and Ain't That Just Like A Woman, the old Louis Jordan cover.  Chuck Berry has mentioned and given credit to Jordan as an inspiration, basically calling Louis the first true rock and roller.

By 1965 thereabouts, he signed with Mercury Records and the decline really started to sit in.Chuck Berry In Memphis might have been the best one but that's debatable.  At that time, Berry started putting together pick up bands, wherever he went he would seek out local bands and took his chances with them, or in some point started fucking around with them and play his hits in various chords not like the single version and challenged them to read his mind or 'lead' so to speak.  He did this with everybody he played, be it the Steve Miller Band on the Mercury Live At The Fillmore (The Mercury CD has more bonus cuts than the cheaper Rebound reissue) or the Keith Richard led band on Hail Hail Rock And Roll.  He turned the rock and roll hall of fame jam into a trainwreck leading the all stars into a bizarre arrangement of one of his songs to where everybody was playing different chords and notes and proceed to duck walk off the stage with a smirk.  He's had run ins with the law, served jail time and had to deal with the messy episode a lawsuit that accused him of video taping women and Johnnie Johnson, his long time piano playing musician claimed he helped Chuck write the hits, which later dismissed.

Leaving Mercury to return back to Chess, he then scored his first number 1, the goofy and awful My Ding A Ling but basically his Chess albums of that time showed him really out of step of the musical trends. His final studio album for Atco Rock It (1979) had some moments of greatness (Oh What A Thrill to which Rockpile would record a better version for the 1980 album Seconds Of Pleasure) but the strange double tracking of Berry's vocals made it more of a novelty then rock and roll return.  By then Berry didn't have nothing to prove, his hits of the 50s had generated enough royalties for him to make a decent living, playing at his Blueberry Hill bar in the Delmar district in St Louis every Wednesday till 2014 when he decided to really cut back.  The last time he played live was August this year and for a very short set.  However if he should decide to get down to Blueberry Hill on a Wednesday Night, he can set a record for the oldest rock and roller to play a gig at age 90.  He also is putting together his first album in over 35 years out in 2017, To which Berry would be the first ever rock and roller to record an album at age 90.

John Lennon might be right when he mentioned a long time ago that when you think of rock and roll, you think of Chuck Berry.  His music will continue to live on and inspire the local lads who want to play classic rock and oldies.  If you want to know the true history of rock and roll, The Great 28 (now replaced by the The Definite Collection   which has all the hits (including My Ding A Ling). But also Rockin At The Hops, Chuck Berry Is On Top and St. Louis to Liverpool are essential records to get as well.   The Mercury and Atco albums are luxuries you can live without.

 (Photo: Cunningham Group-The New Rhythm City Casino-Davenport)

Davenport on Tuesday  was one of the better days of finding things in the junk bins. Every store I went to had some decent bargains, The Source Book store had a Best Of The Herd and James Brown Please Please Please on CD, plus Jethro Tull's MU on LP, Ragged Records had a Best Of Ronnie Hawkins and Jackie Lomax Three, which was in better shape than the record I used to have.  Salvation Army had a few odd 45s, the best known was a Dunhill copy of Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf (not the ABC Dunhill version) and The Call Reconciled for fifty cents on CD.  CO OP Moline had the new BlackBerry Smoke album and The Rhino version of Robyn Hitchcock Fegmania! (which I like better than the Yep Roc version and this was a sealed copy too). Although there was 45s of note at Goodwill and the Moline Salvation Army, they were in poor shape.  I did finally pay a visit to the brand new casino Rhythm City off the interstate and it's a nice place to gamble or take in a band, or watch a ball game in the lounge to which I wasted an hour watching the Cubs sucking up a storm in game three.  So I went to do the slots and managed to win 255 dollars in the process on the fourth try.  It's kinda nice to do a bit of dancing in the aisle while the music is playing and the money keeps tallying up till it finally stopped around 254.16.  I never usually win gambling like most folks do, and when I usually do, it's gone in a flash.  Case in point: Excalibur in Vegas where I won 350 dollars and promptly gave it back in five minutes.  Not this time, I played the penny slots and did it very conservatively till the big pay came.   I'm sure Rhythm City will get it back in future endeavors but for now, I thought I would end things on a high note.

(From  a Meme seen in twitter)

And Joe Buck is the worst announcer with his continuing to bring up Bartman every time the Cubs are down.  Doesn't help that the last two games, they have been shut out, the latter by former Cubs Rich Hill, who looked like Rich Arrieta did when he no hit the Dodgers last year.  If the 2 3 4 hitters don't start producing runs or least hit the ball, it will be yet another wait till next year sob story.  Hash tag of the week: #Joebuckyourself.  Really Joe go buck yourself.

Townedger Radio 23  Broadcast on Lucky Star Radio (10/20/16)  Playlist

Next To You-The Police
Everybody's Next One-Steppenwolf
Slippin' Away-Jean Shepherd
Having A Blast-Green Day
That's What Dream Are Made Of-Green On Red
I Wouldn't Put It Past Me-Dwight Yoakam
May Not Be A Next Time-The Townedgers
No One Would Believe A Summer Would Be So Cold-John Dillon
Stalker-Kasey Chambers
Dogs Are Talking-The Angels From Angel City
Nightmares-The Creation
Sundown-The Townedgers
Sizzling Rivalry-Tommy Bruner
Can't Get Back-The Poorboys
Queen Of Eyes-Soft Boys
Mean Machine-Sugar Ray
Good Lovin'-It's A Beautiful Day

Bonus tracks:
Sick And Tired-Waylon Jennings
Where It Leads-The Townedgers 

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