Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Week In Review: TE Radio 19, WNBR Madison

Another week of senseless violence happened with some Islamic radical goofoff going to an Orlando alternative lifestyle bar and shooting 50 people dead before the SWAT team took this lowlife out of this world once and for all.  I will not comment on this worthless fuck but rather will say that 49 people got taken out of this world against their will.  AK 47s do nothing but kill people, they are not good for nothing else.

Popcorn jam of Sunday, didn't have much for surprises, but there was an interesting Beatles medley that I took part in.  Mike Lint took the picture of the week's hosts Dan Johnson, Terry McDowell and Tommy Bruner.  Herman Sarduy let us use his big snare drum too.

In other news, Adele didn't like Tony Visconti's remarks about her singing so she basically told him off.   What she said was in jest but of course social media blew it up to outrageous levels.  I do think Adele has a funny sense of humor.

While 2000 Man has been quiet of late, Tad has appeared once again on his website, touting a new love and new outlook in life.  While this life hasn't been as fulfilling romantic wise for the old crabb, I tend to be a bit more dependent on independence and the single life isn't too bad.  Open for discussion later on but Tad reveals his music highs of his life here: http://tadsbackupplan.blogspot.com/2016/06/music-that-changed-my-life.html

Last week we discussed the new and exciting protest fad of bike riding naked and while St. Louis has theirs next month, the folks in Madison will have theirs this Saturday and for the first time in this life, I am going to partake riding in this 10 to 12 mile bike ride, clothing optional. I'm not sure if I'm comfortable bearing everything out in the buff, but you have to admit it's something much different rather than the usual bargain hunting for records and CDs, which will take place after the WNBR trip.  I think it will be safe renting a bike and plod around the city streets of Mad City.  I'll have to bring sunscreen and either a pair of shorts, or a XXL T shirt.  Don't look for any pictures taken of this historical event but we'll document it in some way or another.  That is if I go through it.  Stay tuned next week for the results.  At least this time out, I found a hotel room to spend the weekend, unlike the last disaster of last September. And the location (it's a secret).  If I don't get too burnt and burnt out the next blog will be about my experience or WNBR Madison day. http://www.tonemadison.com/articles/filming-the-flesh-pedallers/

I'm not going to get too into great detail about some of the CDs reviewed this week.  The Poor Who Cares (Epic 550 Music 1994) is somewhat dirty rock and roll like Dirty Angels and Circus Of Power but with a lead singer sounding like Dan McCaffery of Nazareth fame.  Polished too clean by Paul Northfield (Asia, Rush).  Brendan Croker The Great Indoors (Silvertone 1991) is a good album but way too many songs and at 63 minutes, its too long to listen in one sitting.   The Dead 60s (Deltasonic/Epic 2005) is a band that loves The Clash but outside of Train To Nowhere and Riot Radio relies too much on Combat Rock and This Is Radio Clash.  One of those infamous Rootkit CDs that Sony Music issued, killing any potential of this band, but they basically broke up not too long after this release.  And Pearls 4 Swine Hoodwink (Bumble Puppy 1997), is best known for Rich Toomsen starting out to play guitar with Jim Scharosch and John Morgan.  Mostly a love of Primus and Rage Against The Machine with RHCP's funk thrown in.  It's not for everybody, but it does show why R. Toomsen is one of the best guitar players out in Iowa.   And finally, Sean Ryan and The Dawn All Time Low (Lonesome Driver 2013) is moreorless a solo album with Ryan trying a few different styles, to which he would eventually find his sound on the cover of Josh Rouse Comeback but for the most part, it's somewhere between later day Replacements or Gin Blossoms.   The best would yet to come. 

Let me be Blunt...which is basically a punk/hard rock/metal online mag from Australia.  While I continue to get older and not able to catch up on what is new hard rock and punk this magazine covers all the bases. http://www.bluntmag.com.au/

Passings: Henry McCullouch, guitarist for The Grease Band and later joined Paul McCartney in Wings died Monday at age 72 of a long illness.  He also was in Spooky Tooth.

Lincoln "Chips" Moman, famed music producer (The Gentrys, Sandy Posey, Willie Nelson) died Monday from a long illness, he was 79. http://www.commercialappeal.com/entertainment/music/music-titan-chips-moman-is-dead-at-79-35315a2e-5feb-5bbe-e053-0100007f82f0-382850711.html

Townedger Radio 20  June Edition (6/16/16)


Lost Woman-The Yardbirds
Bone Machine-The Pixies
Immigrant Song-Michael White
Victim Of Circumstances-Mudcrutch
Road Runner-Samantha Fish
Down The Line-Wooden Nickel Lottery
You Know I'm Not Good For You-The Townedgers
JAMF-I Love You
You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover-Bo Diddley
Old Jim Canaans-Robert Wilkins
Stop Whistling Wolf-Maddox Brothers And Rose
The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget-The Raindrops
I've Been Carrying A Torch For You For So Long That I Burned A Great Big Hole In My Heart-Nino Tempo/April Stevens
For Your Love-Michael Been
They Got Me Covered-Dirty Looks
Throw It Down-Wooden Nickel Lottery
Grandiose Failures-The Townedgers

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