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KCRG Super 30 Survey July 4 1975

Continuing our look into the top 30 of forty years ago.  If you remember last month's Top 30, you got to see a wide variety of music, mostly bland pop from the likes of Olivia Newton John, Pilot and The Captain And Tennile, who's odious Love Will Keep Us Together still was in the top two.  No accounting for taste it seems.

What strikes me as ironic is how this list doesn't differ much from June 6. Out of all the Bubbling Under songs, only The Hustle and Goodnight Vienna got on the charts and the latter song making it's debut at number 26.  Black Friday and The Last Farewell are gone from sight. 

Open for discussion. the top 30 of July 4, 1975

1.   Muhammad Ali-Johnny Wakelin
2.   Love Will Keep Us Together-Captain & Tennile
3.   Please Mr. Please-Olivia Newton John
4.   Listen To What The Man Said-Wings
5.   I'm Not In Love-10cc
6.   I'm Not Lisa-Jessi Colter
7.   Why Can't We Be Friends-War
8.   Jive Talkin-The Bee Gees
9.   One Of These Nights-Eagles
10. Magic-Pilot
11. The Hustle-Van McCoy
12. Midnight Blue-Melissa Manchester
13. I'll Play For You-Seals And Crofts
14. Minnesota-Northern Lights
15. Pinball Wizard-Elton John
16. Bloody Well Right-Supertramp
17. Swearin To God-Frankie Valli
18. Attitude Dancing-Carly Simon
19. Run Tell The People-Daniel Boone
20. Disco Queen-Hot Choclate
21. I'm On Fire-Dwight Twilley Band
22. Someone Saved My Life Tonight-Elton John
23. Dynomite-Bazuka
24. Hey You-BTO
25. Rockford Files-Mike Post
26. Goodnight Vienna-Ringo Starr
27. Romeo And Juliet-Sha Na Na
28. Wildfire-Michael Martin Murphy
29. When Will I Be Loved-Linda Ronstadt
30. Thank God I'm A Country Boy-John Denver

Hit Bound (Bubbling under)

Could It Be Magic-Barry Manilow
Third Rate Romance-Amazing Rhythm Aces
So What If I Am-Paper Lace
At Seventeen-Janis Ian

Interesting fact: 19 of the top 30 songs were on the June 6th top thirty.
Elton John Philadelphia Freedom dropped off the charts replaced by Someone Saved My Life Tonight.  The last four songs, would eventually drop out of the charts the next week.

I find it hard to believe that Sha Na Na and Northern Lights managed to stay this long on the charts. They never get played on the radio anymore.  I don't recall the Paper Lace and Daniel Boone songs at all. Paper Lace best known for The Night Chicago Died and Boone's Beautiful Sunday is his one hit wonder.

Despite it all, the top 30 remains very pop driven, and hardly anything rock and roll is on this.   However the best song remains I'm On Fire, a great song by Dwight Twilley, but alas, he would not be heard from again for over a year when Sincerely came out.  The guess is that Shelter Records was going from MCA to ABC in terms of distribution but the lack of an album killed Twilley's chances of being a bigger star.  He would eventually move to Arista for a couple albums and then EMI for the 1980's mini hit Girls.

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