Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Townedger Radio 8: Adrian Rocks Music, More BB King

A very interesting weekend that I had.  Last Saturday Night, my friend Dennis came through town on taking the long way home and it turned to be a band reunion of sorts.  You can read about that on The Townedgers' website adjacent from here.

This week is the ending of David Letterman's long running Late Night TV show and I haven't comment much about it.  I liked watching part of it sometime and will miss the Top Ten that he did.  Bob Dylan, Eddie Vedder and of course everybody's favorite band The Foo Fighters will close the show down in style.

While Yes continues on as a band, Chris Squire will sit the tour out as he's been diagnosed with leukemia and will undergo treatment. Billy Sherwood will take over on bass.  Also it seems that Neil Peart's aches and pains are catching up with him so is Alex Lifeson who's getting arthritis in his hands as well.  All goes to show that we're all getting old and getting older means getting all these aches and pains as well.

It will be hard to find since Ruf Records is not sold by Best Buy but Samantha Fish's third album Wild Heart, Luther Dickerson produced the effort and it should be out in stores July 7th.  That is the stores that dig deeper for new music and sell records.  Alas, looks like Sam will have backing musicians and Go Go Ray will not be on the drums although Brady Blade is a good drummer in his own right.  

Upon stumbling upon the website of the week, I noticed that Adrian Rocks Music reviewed the latest Townedgers album Forthcoming Trains and she liked it.  Thanks for the thumbs up.  Adrian also reviews other bands on her website.  Check it out:

This week I have been celebrating the loss and the legacy of B B King.  It's the first time I have played every album in my collection that I have of the legend who passed away in his sleep, but what amazes me is that his albums still sound fresh and up to date.  Had there been a reliable record store in town, B B's catalog would be available but then again what better way to get them is sit in front of your computer and order them off Amazon or Second Spin.  On a different subject, new music today has been given a third grade mentality, with the lowest IQ band is none other than Florida Georgia Line with a 2.83 mentality. They have always sounded like they were held back a grade (or two).  I don't basically comment too much about them, outside of reviewing their 2nd Sophomore album Everything Goes and of course I missed out on their interview with Dan Rather, who looked as if he'd rather be someplace else.   But if you can't get enough of that 2nd grade country autotuned crap, the new Luke Bryan is out too, called Sniffing Diesel Fumes.  But then again I don't listen to radio although The Fox surprised me by playing Montrose Rock Candy which I managed to listen to that station for about 5 minutes before Bohemian Rhapsody came on and I proceeded to pop in a B B king CD and listened to that instead.

The Chrome Horse will not be back as originally thought.  Lost in the fire last July, they were cleaning the place up for a spring opening but when I walked past that building, there was a for sale sign up instead.  Another decline for the working musician which there's not many places to play at, not that it means that much anymore since if anybody does want to play live, they have to pay the owner just for the privilege of playing live I guess.  Since the Chrome Horse/3rd Street Live building is still standing, there is hope that somebody will buy the place.  After all it's in the up and coming New Bo District and old buildings that were damaged in the flood of 2008 are slowly being restored.  A new Bike friendly restaurant is slated to open down there in late August and somebody has been hard at work restoring the old Mum's bar.  Barring any more major floods I think New Bo will be better than ever in another two years.  And Willie Nelson came though town Monday to play in front of a sold out crowd at the Paramount.

And we have not have a major rain/flood event this spring.  All goes to show that spending eight thousand dollars to waterproofing the basement may have had something to do with Mother Nature turning her wrath someplace else this spring, but who knows when the next big flood event will come.

After 43 years at the Marion School District former football coach and American Studies teacher Dave Messerli retires. While some of my classmates didn't think otherwise, I liked him as a teacher.  Had him in my 7th grade English Arts class and American Studies 1 which I should have taken as a Freshman rather than wait a year later and suffer the consequences of being a sophomore in a freshman class.  I wish him well in golfing retirement. 

Also last weekend while we had our band reunion of sorts, my old high school sweetheart Penny got married to her original high school sweetheart Karl.  It's a small world we live in, we all seem to evolve around each other and that while the world is far and wide, my friends have remained in town, most of them anyway.  I didn't date much in high school if at all.  The one that I thought that got away really was never much of a big deal after my sophomore year and turned out to be a thirty year mirage.  And we really were more opposite than meets the eye, especially after said woman is now a Rotary club president somewhere in Texas where they're waiting for the Obama invasion. At least Penny showed interest of going out rather than the other one going through various friends to bullshit me into thinking she did care, only to make a scene at a high school dance. So  Penny was the high school sweetheart by process of elimination.   But I think Karl was much more compatible than me, Penny didn't care for a lot of the records and tapes that I'd play out in the car when we did get back together a couple times, she hated Urge Overkill and Nirvana and preferred country and NASCAR.  And I don't do NASCAR.    Like when I first got back together with her at my high school reunion, she got back with Karl on their reunion and eventually became more together till they tied the knot last Saturday.    I don't envision of getting back together with any of my grade school or high school crushes, they are a thing of the past and from what I remembered or seen them the last time, made me wonder why I even gave them a second look.  But Penny was the best of them all, even in her quiet moods, she did for a time care a little about me in her own way.  To which I wish both her and Karl all the best in togetherness.

Townedger Radio Show Number 8 (Broadcast 5/20/15 via Lucky Star Radio)-The Playlist

Maybe I Will-Rule 62
Don't Take It So Hard-Keith Richards
Van Halen-Nerf Herder
Girls Like Me-Bonnie Hayes
Like You Do-The Townedgers
I.L.B.T's-Joe Walsh
Here's To You-Dio
Do You Close Your Eyes-Rainbow
The Mob Rules-Black Sabbath
All My Life-Steve Earle
Marie Laveaux-Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show
All In It Together-The Pirates
Don Henley Must Die-Mojo Nixon
Short Notice-The Living End
The Highway Is For Dreamers-The Townedgers

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