Saturday, July 12, 2014

One For Charlie Haden and for Tommy Ramone

38 years ago, a band from Forest Hills/Queens came out and made perhaps the most simple rock album ever.  Who would ever thought that Blitzkeg Bop would end up being one of the more overplayed jock jams at local stadiums?  Hell, the C.R. Kernels always seem to play HEY HO LET'S GO every other time.  Anyway, you know this simple rock band as The Ramones and their 1976 Sire album would rewrite the book on punk rock. Although I consider them to be more garage rockers than punk rockers.  Now, with Tommy Ramone passing away from cancer at age 65, the original Ramones are now rocking in the great CBGB's in the sky somewhere.  Tommy Erderyi (probably misspelled) was also a producer who produced Tim by the Replacements and a album for Redd Kross but also helped recorded Jimi Hendrix when Jimi was alive.  But will forever be known for giving the Ramones that simple but had to play drum beat.  Later Tommy would leave to do production and later would form a bluegrass duo. With Tommy gone, there are no more original Ramones left.  But we still have Ritchie, Marky and C.J. around.  Mark Prindle interviews Tommy Ramone from a few years ago:

From Legs McNeil:

Another passing to tell you about is Charlie Haden, best known for his works as a solo artist and taking part of Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz album, and father to the Haden triplets  who played in that dog, also departed to the great beyond Thursday at age 76. In Free Jazz, Haden served as the one who kept the main notes going while Don Cherry, and Coleman would improvise, thus coining the phase Free Jazz.  Originally starting out as a country bass player (He played in Ozark Jubilee way back when), he went to a Charlie Parker concert than got turn on the jazz.  He has also jammed with Keith Jarrett, Pat Metheney and Jim Hall as well.

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TAD said...

Too many musicians dying. Wasn't that big a Ramones fan, but still. And REALLY am not an Ornette Coleman fan, but Charlie Haden did some cool stuff with other jazz guys too. Thanx for the updates....