Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Record World Playlist 2-5-14

At 71 years old Robert Christgau continues to pop out his faves for the best of last year and how he managed to find more decent music to put on the best of list is beyond me.  I think he had more LPs on his list than I did for the total reviews of 2013.  This year's promises to be even less.  I didn't buy a single new album at all last month.

I admire Bob to continue to mine the world music market and of course rap, although when I turn 71 I'll like rap as much as I did when I was 53.  Few and far between.  You'll have to dig through till number 61 when Ashley Monroe's Like A Rose and two spots down Kacey Musgraves' album to see the only 2 record we liked enough to include on our lists. Only other album we have in our list: number 73 Pistol Annies' Annie Up.  Which might be their last album from rumblings down below.  But then again most new music that comes from the major labels is shit anyway.  Don't believe me read this:

Winter continues to suck here. Clippers coming left and right and cold air but out in the west they can't buy a storm or can't come up with the right rain dance.  Over in the UK, they're drowning in floods once again.  You either drowning in it or being dried up with no rain the big case of climate change over the past ten years to which the earth got knocked off it's track around the sun by a half a millimeter which might explain the fucking weird weather of the past 10 years.   Can't wait for spring and the rainy season flooding the basement once again.

The 55th annual winter dance party hit the Surf Ballroom to a sold out crowd in the three nights up there. I spaced it off but Los Lobos was the the featured act due to a certain Richie Valens song.  They did play up in Makato the night before to a sparse but appreciative crowd. 

Other notables, still alive and still able to make it up there was Tommy Allsup (the last member of that touring Crickets, (unless Carl Bunch is still alive), the great Albert Lee, Chris Montez, ole Chubby Checker as well. The first night (Thursday) Tommy Roe, The Four Preps and Jimmy Gilmer with what's left of the Fireballs. And Friday was Jimmy Clanton and the Original Drifters (?), plus the oldies band Whitesidewalls. For happenings 55 years ago, this time out the press covering this was lax at best and even I overlooked this while repeating the old blog over the weekend about the original show.  There's always a thought that I will make it up there next time they have this, but since it's always GD cold and fucking snowing I shrug and say there's always next year.  Forthcoming acts are Scotty McCreerey, Atlanta Rhythm Section, REO Speedwagon and later in March Queensryche with Stryper opening up.  I'm guessing this is the band that booted Geoff Tate out and made one of their best albums in a while.  Worth going to although you may want to pass on the opening act.

Goodwill in Iowa City has now moved into the old Office Max building off US 6 across from the Salvation Army which used to be the old Audi's which Audi's has a new place of their own too.  But it's been a down year even for Half Priced Books, I didn't buy a single thing in there last month either.

Cliff Hoad continues to keep Kings Of The Sun going, I mentioned in a comment at the Sweden Music Festival this summer that it would be nice to see them play but they're playing with a wide variety of bands (Foghat, Rainmakers come to mind) and Clifford was kind enough to be a Facebook friend.  Haven't heard much of their recent stuff, but their RCA albums are both classic, Full Frontal Attack  blowing AC/DC out of the water with that 1990 album.  Too bad Kings Of The Sun never did make it big.

Ratings for last month was 2100 half than the best month ever and back to the long decline, only the Phil Everly tribute blog and 1/14/14 playlist made it past 25 views. Only one day I've seen 100 views or more, and only 3 of last month's blogs made it in the top ten of the month.  Perhaps it's time to retire this since there's not much of an interest anymore from both sides of the fence.

Ground hog Day, another piss poor excuse to wake up a rodent and piss him off to say more winter.  Phil fucked up last year's prediction, I take no stock in grumpy gophers.  Nor top hat fruitcakes that teases groundhogs.  Crabb predicts winter till March 21st. (at the earliest).

Super Bowl was a Seahawks blowout 43-8 and the commercials were hit and miss, mostly misses. I think I liked the Bob Dylan Chrysler spot and the Radio Shack Back To The 80s bit but I didn't think much of the Budweiser heart tugging ones nor the even more dumber Bud Light spots.  Any spots that shows people driving off cliffs, or having drivers speeding 100 MPHs and having dumbass captions like Professional Driver Do Not Attempt are disqualified for touting stupidity. The Jackass Syndrome we call it.  Gwen, the charismatic puppeteer  making lady did one of the more eye opening commercials when she quit her job to go into her new career via Go Daddy.  Wish her luck.

And you may not agree with me but Bruno Mars did put on a super performance during halftime, even the cameo by Red Hot Chili Peppers was tolerable.  Bruno is a natural born entertainer and has a much longer lasting value than say, Justin Beaverbizkits. Anybody that starts out with a drum solo does get crabb points.

It was three ago this date that Beaker Street with Clyde Clifford signed off for the very last time. And I guess it's forever history now. 

Elly Mayday, here's hoping you can beat cancer.  Thoughts and prayers  be with you.

Vinyl Lovin:  Paul Rodgers-The Royal Sessions (429)

Paul has always been one of the best, if not the best vocalist in rock history and it's just a shame that he never did record a proper R n B album till now, working with what's left of the Hi Rhythm band that made the great albums for Al Green to make a decent tribute album that pays homage to the fallen (Sam Cooke, Albert King and of course Otis Redding who figures greatly in half the songs).  Of course classic rock radio won't play this, there's no rock and roll but a soul album that Paul took great care of doing the songs his way.  It's 40 years too late but for a soul tribute album, it's much better than the Billy Sherwood produced Muddy Waters tribute album that Victory put out 20 years ago.  This stays true to the roots that inspired Paul. If you like this record, well, there's a treasure chest full of Otis Redding's albums for the original source.


Hazy Shade Of Winter-The Bangles
Well Well Well-The Hives
Same Old Grind-Omar And The Howlers
I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down-Sam & Dave
Well All Right-Buddy Holly
The Big Bopper's Wedding-The Big Bopper
Sharing You-Bobby Vee
Come On Let's Go-Richie Valens
The Great Salt Lake-Band Of Horses
Get It-Dave Edmunds

Can't get enough of Ivy Doomkitty?  Here she is with a couple of her friends.

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2000 Man said...

Wow, I have nothing on Christgau's list. Made me feel like maybe I didn't buy any new stuff this year, but that's not true. Why does he say if you wish to be meaningful you need to include hip hop or anything else for that matter. I think he's using meaningful instead of widely read. So I can still think The Dexateens had the best album of the year if I want, because I don'tcare if anyone knows how much I like it or not. Hope the sun shines on ya soon!

R S Crabb said...

Hi 2000 Man

We have some sunshine but it's worthless, temps hardly go past 10 degrees and when it does it snows. Winter sucks.

Don't feel too bad if you have nothing on Christgau's list of best. I don't believe he listens to all that included. I like him but sometimes he uses too many 10 dollar words to talk about a 20 cent record. He really overdoes it on the world and hip hop to where I ignore what he says about them, not my type of music. I rather much stick to rock and roll. But I'm beginning to get mighty picky on what I get anymore. Today's music has as much lasting value as chewing gum. Tasty at first but then you lose the flavor afterward.

Which explains most of the music of 2013. Cheers!