Sunday, March 3, 2013

Crabb Bits:Tornado Season,Birthday Greetings, PT

It's March and even though we have yet another winter storm bearing down upon us, Tornado Season officially begins.  Last year was a fluke with a high pressure "death ridge" on top of us most of the year we simply didn't have many severe storms per say.  This year things might be returning to normal judging by the way the snowstorms have been coming around since Groundhog Chuck predicted a early spring, he could have never been so wrong since we have gotten about 25 inches of the white shit since February.  But with the winds of change coming in March, we're be going from snow to severe storms with tornadoes having better chances this spring.  I also predict that the drought that has been upon us the past couple years will be a thing of the past and we'll be swimming in rain water once again.

If you have been in Linn County you have seen the pro and con commercials of a new Casino that voters that will be voting on Tuesday (results will be made on the Wed Top Ten).  I really haven't exactly cared if we get one or not, I was wavering toward NO when the Riverside Casino head huncho made a last second effort to chip in on making a water park and amusement park for Linn County if they voted NO, of course he wouldn't do it if we said YES but the sneakiness of this sleezeball made me decide I would cast a YES vote.  The biggest folks against having a casino here have been the Casinos in Waterloo and Riverside.  The Dubuque and Davenport Casino operators, although against having one here have stayed out.  Basically the Dubuque Casino is the closest to me than either Waterloo or Riverside and they provide free pop when I get a bit thirsty after hitting the river-trails.  Amazing fact that Cedar Rapids has made a big comeback from the infamous flood of 2008 with New Bo Market and District being a hot spot and downtown slowly getting back together as well.  A casino believe it or not will help the economy too but that banter about Jobs Jobs Jobs is a bit misleading, they're provide a few but not the thousand that the false advertisers content in their BS commercials.

Birthday greetings go out to Aunt Cindy who turns 55 (really?!?) Robyn Hitchcock who turns the big 60, London Andrews who still got a long way to go to catch up on us at age 29 and Dennis Lancaster, former Paraphernalia guitar player who is 51.  And Lisa Poe turns 44 on Wednesday.  Interesting comment that Robyn made that rock and roll is now a old man's game on a NPR interview and he does have a new album coming out Love In London to which I'm sure Best Buy will not have.  In the hospital, Penny Willard Sanford may be coming home on Monday after having surgery.  Hope you get home before the storm hits.
Hitchcock made a comment that turns out to be true, that when he was 30 he was reminiscing about the past but the older you get the less time you have yet so you make the most of it and it turned out to be true while writing the new No Exit record.  We spent too much time looking back when we should be living for the moment, the time past is that just.  One thing about blogging is that it documents the moments we live forever, or until the website blows up or shuts down.  It's a shame that the MSN Groups shut down the old blog, there were some precious memories that would have been great to preserve.  But we move on.
While Samantha Fish is in New Zealand doing a Girls With Guitars tour, little does she knows that Pat Travers has quietly snucked up behind her in the most searched list on this blog site, most of them coming from the Mexican Jumping Beans Top Ten, the all time best ten ever and still making headwave up the all time 5, although the 5 after that is untrustworthy.  Pat Travers checks in on his jamming with the legendary Sam Moore (of Sam N Dave fame)

Ok, so MT and I are about to get on the slab and head for the barn (oops, mixed metaphors). We had a great time down here in South Florida. Met a lot of new friends, especially in the pro golf world. Mark Calcavecchia, Pat Perez (and Ashley too!), and dig who was sitting at our table last night, Sir Nick Faldo! Most golfers seem to think he was one of the very best. Interesting guy. But for me the best moment came when Sam Moore asked me to get up on stage when he did "Soul Man". That was awesome! The band segued into Sly Stone's "I Wanna Take You Higher". Too cool! Made my year!

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