Friday, February 15, 2013

Observations: BMG, KFMH Returns, Songs That Made An Impact 2013

Universal is selling off some of the other labels that they have acquired since their purchase of the EMI label, Parlophone was sold off to Warner Music Group.  And now Sanctuary label is been send back over to BMG Rights Management for 62.5 million. 10 years ago BMG did distribution for Sanctuary which has a big back catalog of some classic UK labels like Castle, Pye as well as the old folks label CMC and Metal Is, which is basically most of the Bronze Motorhead albums and some Iron Maiden music too.  This time out BMG Rights, if this wins approval will make them the biggest independent label out there next to Concord Music which has the Fantasy/Stax/Prestige/Riverside/Fantasy Jazz collection.  BMG Rights Management is also home of Mute Record, pending approval of course.

KFMH, the former 99 plus radio station of long ago and far is being revitalized for a fund raiser on March 1st on KCJJ to which Steve Bridges will bring back most of the DJ's and staff that made that radio station fun to listen to in hopes of raising money for a podcast radio station on the net.  Which is fine and dandy but I wish we can get these folks to get this back on a FM dial and get rid of the faceless Cumulus/Clear Channel crapfest of the same old shit 

Thursday Night, Diggy Kat and his beautiful sidekick Mouse went the full 9 hours and played every track that was featuring from Diggy's labor of love project Songs That Made An Impact from 2009 to 2013, the fifth installment to which I listen to most of it.  Former Nazareth guitar player Manny Charlton appears on a blues track and probably is the most recognized name out of the bands that are on this. As of press time you can probably can get it at CD Baby which proceeds due benefit keeping the project going and Diggy's radio show on Radio Buzzd. Included deep on CD 2, is Queen Of Anamosa by The Townedgers to which the song was given to the cause.  My favorite song is a band called August Rising which a song that kinda reminds me of power pop or a more melodic Snow Patrol but there's a lot of dance music, alternative and hard metal to go with the folk or girl power rock of Pi, which might be the best song she's ever done.    Stephanie Andreas did the promo video of this and continues a dance track as well

Update: CD baby doesn't have this for sale yet.

If you haven't been out and about, you may have noticed that gas prices have shot up 75 cents since the start of the month and some places back over 4 bucks a gallon, typical speculation ploy and usual politics involved.  It's gone from 2.94 to now 3.69 and still more hikes to come since it goes up 10 cents every fucking GD week.  I'm sure Tad agrees it's all BS but he has to put up with John  Q Public bitching about that to him when they fill up at his place of work.  News media doesn't make it better with their "Pain at the pump" crapola either.  More of Annoyance at the pump thanks to the speculators plundering and pillaging our wallets in the process. Too bad the the meteor didn't take out congress instead.

I am beginning to wonder if that radio active meltdown from Japan didn't come across the ocean and turn half the people's brains to cheese around this area.  I couldn't help but notice how many people I seen that went in 16 degree temps with a wind chill of 8, that didn't have coats on and wearing shorts while I'm shivering my way into Target.  Perhaps something about Red Bull that warms you up and makes you feel so warm and fuzzy that you need a coat.  Even seen some scantly clad teens bopping around Target wearing the flimsiest of clothes.  Maybe I don't it but perhaps maybe I'm too old for this shit anyway.  They can catch phenomena on thier own time while wearing shorts when the wind is blowing 20 miles from the NW.

Other notes:

Robert Christgau's confusing review of Vaccines Come Of Age:
 Why no-fail hookcraft is ideal for triangulating the not-enough‑-and also why it's not enough ("No Hope," "Change of Heart Pt. 2") B-

My take: Not as memorable as their first and even Ethan John's dry production doesn't work very well on this effect.  I gave it a B grade.

Samantha Fish wrote and said that she scored some blues cds on her trip out to Canada and picked up some R L Burnside, some Professor Longhair and Freddy King's Burglar album from the early 70s.  She like the suggestion of getting some Fred McDowell but said that the selection of his stuff was nil.  Next suggestion, pick up some Reverend Gary Davis.  But then again,  I think she knows more about the blues than what we give her credit for.

Finally, Mike Swearingen, beloved former lead singer of Paraphernalia has survived his brain operation and should be coming home on Monday.  In order to curb his cigarette habit, he's been smoking those E cigarettes and so far doing okay till he goes back to the real cancer sticks. In the meantime, we leave you with Brittney and Diggy with Glitter Rose.  A shout out. Looking good!

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