Saturday, May 1, 2021

Spring Processing Finds


Elton John-One Night Only
Bobby Short
Larry Williams/Johnny Guitar Watson: Two For The Price Of One
BR549-Dog Days
Nina Simone-Fodder On My Wings
The Classic Hits Of Sonny James-Young Love
Chicken House-Various artists

A return to Dubuque to pick up the Old Town Doo Wop CD, but it turned out to be Volume 2, so this turned out to be a wasted trip.  But a nice warm May day to walk around the River front during Prom Night and plenty of Prom seniors out and about.

Three cds came from Goodwill and the rest came from Moondog Music.  Bobby Short is considered 
one of the best Cabaret singers ever and the record not exactly something I'd play but the Larry Williams and Johnny Watson CD is a rare find, some nice Northern soul from the great Watson and Williams. Bonus tracks include Nobody, a song Johnny did with the Kaleidoscope, which Three Dog Night covered.    One Night Only, was Elton John's 2000's Madison Square Garden show and not as campy as originally thought.  But with throat surgery, Elton John can't sing the higher notes such as Don't Go Breaking My Heart or Rocket Man and Philadelphia Freedom is in a different key, but it's a hoot to hear The Bitch Is Back and even Saturday Night Alright For Fighting with Anastasia is fun.  But it's still camp over all, but we love EJ anyway, bitch and all.   

Chicken House (Pan American Recordings Switzerland) mines the late 50s rock and R and B with some classics from Gene Vincent (lotta lovin) and Carl Perkins (Matchbox) but it digs deep into the forgotten r and B, tho Bring It On Back from Miser Ruffin can also be found on Stompin' 4, the answer to Pebbles in forgotten songs.  There are other offerings from Pan American but with more scantly clothed girl photos of the 50s and such, Moodog had this new for 8 dollars. 

Bobby Short is probably the best cabaret singer but I find this album to be an acquired taste.  Collector's Choice issued this (I haven't received any CC catalogs of late) around 2000.   

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