Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week In Review: Col Bruce Hampton RIP, Metallica In Iowa

It's May and as always the rainy season is upon us.  If you live in Illinois and Missouri you know that all too well as rains from the past five days have turn small streams and creeks into raging rivers and floods. Up here we have been lucky by staying in the colder sector of Spring Storm Cocksucker, which we only had about two inches of rain the past five days.  But have not seen the sun of late.  I think we are playing.  Meanwhile the Meramac River in Sullivan has reached 36.5 feet Monday, four feet above the previous record. The Missouri River at West Alton is slated to reach 36.3 feet on Thursday.  Meanwhile they continue to deny climate change.

The big news announcement is Metallica coming to Newton in the summer to do a concert.  Avenged Sevenfold is the opening act.  This month Boston comes to the Five Seasons Center (US Cellular Center but it will always be the Five to me) with Blue Oyster Cult being the opening act on May 27th.  I doubt if I will make it to that one.  Other notables is In This Moment, Primus/Clutch.

The other big news announcement is that Cedar Rapids is going to build a Water park and Motel across the street from my place of employment, which means we will have more stop lights and traffic congestion.  But at least in the wintertime when snows are around we'll some place closer to spend the night when we have overtime in the winter.

And Marion considering yet another roundabout. Enough already.

I really haven't comment much on The Great Jones County Fair but the lineups included everybody's favorite band to slam, Nickelback with Daugerty opening up, Thomas Rhett, Keith Urban and Mercyme. I think it's kinda of Meh lineup but they do have their fans out there. Thomas Rhett has been on the ups, Keith is kinda winding down but he's always put on a good show.

A couple weeks ago, the 10th edition of Record Store Day came around and while many folks did go to their local record store and buy overpriced limited edition LPs, I took a pass.  I figure any time I go to the record store is RSD in my book.  There's some places I really miss going to.  Living in Arizona that would be Zia's Records.  This one is not too far from where I used to live.

Passings: Col Bruce Hampton.  Died on stage Monday Night while playing Turn On Your Love Light during a birthday tribute to him at the Fox Theater.  He was 70.  Hampton played in the Hampton Grease Band, which made a poor selling album for Columbia that became a cult favorite.   Hampton later form the Aquarian Rescue Unit and the Fiji Mariners.  http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/02/entertainment/bruce-hampton-obit/

(Photo: Getty Images)

Upon You Tube, somebody posted the final song that Bruce sang on, and while Brandan "Taz" Niederauer  was playing some fine lead guitar playing,
 Bruce collapsed and died on the spot.  In some ways it's unnerving and sad to see this, but on the other hand while John Popper was wailing away on harmonica and Warren Haynes was playing guitar and having  (Susan Tedeschi) sing Turn On Your Love Light, The good Col. decided it was a nice time to bid all farewell.   Yeah, I cried when I saw it too, but in reality Col. Bruce Hampton did the ultimate rock and roll farewell, joining Johnny Guitar Watson and Mark Sandman from Morphine to die on stage.   For his albums, The Hampton Grease Band Music To Eat is like Sun Ra meeting The Grateful Dead, the ESP Disk Godz and Jefferson Airplane on stage.  I think his albums with Aquarian Rescue Unit and Fiji Mariners  are more accessible and more jam worthy.   Bruce Hampton may have been closer to Sun Ra than any other jammers but he still managed to keep the music as rocking as possible, although he did go into Avant Garde mode.  Anyway, Bruce is now committed to the ages, his job on Earth is done.  We'll miss you Bruce.  http://liveforlivemusic.com/news/cosmic-curtain-call-col-bruce-hampton/

(photo: Live for live Music)

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